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We obtain from the best chandelier and lighting suppliers just for you. With Dave Chandelier Installation & Hotel Lighting System, you not only get quality supplies but expert knowledge to put it all in the right place. Hotel and building Chandelier fitting and maintenance is not like installing home lighting. It is a mega-job requiring experience and skills for that perfect ambience that business travellers and conventioneers would like to find in hotels and places where they conduct business meetings and seminars.

Dave has over 25 years of experience, working with all the listed suppliers, to bring that perfect beauty you, as hoteliers and building owners demand. You may contact our suppliers or see their catalogs. But getting our expert advice from the beginning is advisable for that perfect job.

Here is the list of our suppliers:

Dotzaner Crystal Chandelier Austria Vienna
Mechtler Far East Ltd HK
Bakalowits Austria Vienna
Bakalowit Far East Ltd HK


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