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A good decor harmonize a premises all around. On the ceiling, good lighting add to the mood of the place. On the wall, appropriate wall covering or design add another dimension. Flooring and furniture completed the basic. Then other artifacts such as sculptures, painting and small decor items here and there brings the desired atmosphere.

How you want a place to be like depends on what you put in. Changing or adding a bit here / there gaves your premises the substance you need to project. You have come to the right place. Here we will hunt for ideas and tips from expert authors in the decor field for your to enjoy and discover and innovate so that your dream space will be just what you want it to be.

While proper lighting bring out the aura. To decorate effectively, you and I know that many things are involved. To help you in your search, I decided that you may want answers from specific experts in other field within the decor industries. This library, as I add in materials, hopefully will provide you with a place where you can get an all round picture of what is needed to have a good decor.

Come here often and updated with great ideas from Chandelier Installation Dot Com. My name is Dave but I have been so long in this line that my friend now would call me Dave Chandeleir. Ha ha! Have Fun!

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