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Dave Chandelier Installation provides a full range of services that includes Chandelier Cleaning, Chandelier Restoration and Chandelier Installation.

Dave Chandelier Installation | Chandelier Cleaning & Restoration is your right guy for the job be it a villa, a convention centre, a hotel, whatever and whenever beautiful lighting is needed. Chandelier is a must for these places and quality, professional expertise is required for these projects. You need the best in the business.

And Dave has a reputation and proven history. From the Shangri-La Hotels all over the world, to the Mosques in Malaysia and the Middle East, to mystical paradise of China, Hong Kong and Thailand and the business centers of the world, Singapore and Japan, you will find Dave's works.

You need these facts about us to decide whom you deem is most qualified to get that job done for you. And done beautifully. If you run one of those elite places, then nothing but the best is good enough for you. And Dave is the best in the business.

Dave, your known Chandelier Installation | Cleaning & Restoration expert, is the person to help you from the beginning. Call me today!

A view of while we are working Installing Chandelier

Chandelier Installation Dave Lighting is called upon by international hotels and buidling owners to provide installation and maintenance of expensive and delicate chandeliers.

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Chandelier Cleaning

We provide contract and ad hoc cleaning and chandelier care services. Chandeliers are dust magnet. After care is a necessary part of keeping chandeliers.

Oh so high up, ma! Restoring Chandelier

Chandelier Restoration

We can expertly restore your chandelier to level of beauty as if you just installed it. Restoration work may be necessary if regular maintenance is not done. So a regular maintenance services by us is advised.

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