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- Your dependable Hotel Lighting and Chandelier Installation, Cleaning & Restoration Expert around the world.

The Shangri-la Singapore Project

With Dave Chandelier, you have a
Chandelier Installation, Chandelier Cleaning & Restoration expert with over 25 years of proven history. We serve hotels and building owners all over Asia - from Europe, to Middle East, to Asia, covering China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Our Portfolio includes over 75 buildings and hotels. In the next few pages, you can see our various projects that are landmarks in this region. It is all done by Dave Chandelier and Hotel Lighting.

You Need An Expert For This Kind of Job
Chandelier Installation is an expert field. Not everyone has the expertise to handle this difficult line. We are one of the handful of professional who are qualified to perform hotel lighting and chandelier installation and maintenance.

Proven Record
With our proven record, Dave Chandelier is someone you can trust.
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Attention: Building|Hotel Owners
Are you a building owner? Are you a hotelier? You have ballroom and convention rooms? Then Dave Chandelier can do for you what you expect from a professional Chandelier Installer and Lighting maintenance crew.Check out the projects we have done over the years. Visit these beautiful places and bath yourself in their ambience. See for yourself what we can do for you.

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The Eyes Love Beauty But beauty need a professional creator. Hoteliers are demanding. You need to meet the exacting standards required by your customers. And we are the people with the background to meet the requirements expected by your customers. If you want what it takes to get the best buyers of your convention rooms to come, then Dave is the company you would want to have.

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Professionalism It's a word that has exacting meaning in this line of work. At Dave Chandelier Installation and Maintenance, we understand your need as a building or hotel management | owner. Your customers want elegant, a conducive place to present their message to their audience. You can make this happen with Dave's Lighting expertise.

Expertise and Skill 30 feet high Dave Chandelier  Installation Photo 3

We can get it done for you! With Dave Chandelier, what you expect will be done for you. Now. I know the feeling the feeling of hunting for a good professional, especially so, in this field where there is limited supply of skilled people|professionals. Call us today and your sweat is over.

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